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Imogen Universal Pain Management Coding will maximize your time. In fact, you can code a complex case in less than a minute!

It is a very user-friendly program, and the codes are intuitively organized by sub-categories according to procedures (not body systems). You no longer have to search through an endless list of codes and hope to find the right one. The program utilizes the very easy point and click method (point to the procedure you want to code, and simply click on it). Due to its intuitive organization, you will be able to code incredibly quickly. This will allow you to fully optimize time spent in the office. With the extra time, the coding and collections personnel can perform their other duties, or absorb some of the workload from another member of the staff. Coding no longer has to be an all-day chore; if you can code a case in less than a minute, it will take less than a hour to code 60 cases, with the added benefit of decreased rejections and increased reimbursement!

Earlier Collections was previously mentioned, and specifically cited was the fact that optimizing the coding would optimize the Collections. This is actually a very simple idea: due to the increased accuracy and thoroughness of your coding as a result of Imogen Universal Pain Management Coding, you will decrease your rejections, which inherently eases the Collections load. Furthermore, if your payors ask you a question about a case, your coding will be as thorough as possible, and you can support your claim to be paid (we do encourage doctors to keep documentation of course, which greatly aids in collections. To assist in this, you may also print your records from our site). Furthermore, in some offices, the collections person is the coding person, so the efficiency in coding will allow them to spend more time collecting. If the two are separate, then perhaps the coder can assist the collector, making the entire Collections process run more smoothly and efficiently.



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