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One of the main objectives of Pain Management Coding Wizard™ is to increase/maintain your practice's compliance. As previously stated, the CCI (Correct Coding Initiative) Edits are built into the program, so that all of the crosswalks, bundling rules, and other guidelines are incorporated into your coding. Additionally, the program is updated on a continual as-necessary basis, meaning that every time there are new CCI edits, CPT, ICD-9 revisions/amendments/additions, etc., they are incorporated into the program by the date of national implementation by Medicare. For example, this year Medicare allowed no grace period for using the new ICD-9 codes. As of Jan. 1st, 2005, claims were to be submitted utilizing the new codes - if not, that was both inaccurate (which leads to rejections) and not compliant. Our users had the new ICD-9s from the first second of '05, because compliance is not a buzz word for no reason. Compliance is a very serious responsibility in the world of healthcare today. So, because the updates, the accuracy, the thoroughness, and the incorporation of the CCI edits and pain management specific business rules, the program helps you achieve maximal compliance.

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