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What is an Enterprise Application?

The Imogen Systems Imogen Universal Product Suite is comprised of Enterprise applications, and enterprise applications only. "What is an enterprise application?" you might be asking yourself. Simply put, an enterprise application is the best possible electronic solution for you. This is because an enterprise application, by its very nature, is infinitely scalable, meaning that whether you are a one physician practice or part of a one-hundred doctor group, the applications are up to the task and can provide the services you need on a small or large level. If you are a physician investing in software, enterprise grade applications are the way to go, perhaps especially if you are part of a one or two physician practice. If you later expand your group or join a bigger group, why be forced to re-purchase something just because you got the single-user/personal grade version? Furthermore, what if your software solution will not support a larger user-base? If you are utilizing such software when expanding, overhauling, or joining a bigger group, you will not only be forced to buy a new product, but also to learn a new system while trying to get acclimated to your new colleagues.

The downside of course is that in the software industry, and particularly in the medical software industry, one must pay a pretty penny (in many cases tens of thousands of dollars) to integrate any application, be it professional-grade or otherwise, into their practice. We're here to change that. Truth be told, we could sell our products for more, much more. But our goal is to aid your practice in any way we can, not bankrupt it. That is why we only create scalable, easily adapted enterprise application solutions. The same application available to the big groups is available to the single physician practices, and is affordable for both.

Now for the best part. To run this big, professional, enterprise application you need lots of hardware, dedicated servers and workstations, right? Wrong! All of our applications are web-based, so no additional hardware is required! Your home computer or office machine are fine. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection you can unleash the power of the world's most innovative and powerful EHR and its anesthesia and pain management cousins.

Additionally, with this enterprise power you get all of the amazing portability (link to web-based application page). However, please don't forget that in addition to being able to utilize the systems in any location with a high-speed internet connection, you can also take advantage of the incredible mobility of the applications. Imogen Universal Anesthesia Coding, for example, features both stand-alone PDA (handheld) and Tablet PC application modules so that you can code your cases without an internet connection and then simply upload them later. You can code directly in the OR or while walking to perform another procedure! Additionally, while Imogen Universal EHR and Imogen Universal Pain Management Coding and the main Imogen Universal Anesthesia applications do require a high-speed internet connection, you are encouraged to take advantage of the increasing presence of wireless (WiFi) networks both in the home, office, and the hospital. Take your standard laptop into the OR and code over the wireless network, or utilize WiFi in your office while meeting with a patient. Don't worry about long cables and unsightly tangled cords. With the overall combination of portability, mobility, lack of additional hardware requirements, enterprise flexibility, and incredible affordability, Imogen Universal Product Suite is at the forefront of Medical Software.

Technical Support: A Responsibility

One thing looms when purchasing software and budgeting the cost: technical support. An increasing trend in medical software is to charge exorbitant amounts for technical support. First you pay thousands of dollars for the product itself, then you are forced to pay a large percentage (in many cases 20-30%) of the initial cost for technical support, usually as an annually recurring fee.

Well, that is not how we run our company and is certainly not how we treat our customers. It is our opinion that we owe it to ourselves and especially to our customers to provide a thoroughly-tested, functional, and top-notch application from the get-go. That is why we will not and do not charge for Technical Support. If there is a problem with our application, we will fix it as quickly as we can at our expense, not yours! It is our responsibility to provide you with what you bought: a solution, not one more problem.



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