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A common concern is from customers who use billing services. They want to know if our applications will prevent them from using their billing service. Absolutely not! In fact, our applications work wonderfully with your billing service, and employing our application is in fact the smartest move you can make when also utilizing a billing service.

This is for two reasons: The first is that by doing the coding in house, you have ultimate say over the code, and you are well aware of what is being submitted in your name. Your group administrator will provide the billing service with their own unique password and username (included in the standard license fee) and they can then log-in and get the codes for your completed cases. This saves you and the billing company paper, postage, fax/printer ink, and is faster and much more easily accessible than any current method. Our applications will not just reduce but fully eradicate all costs related to case transmission/delivery to the billing service.



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