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It's tough to operate a medical practice. 

You need an application which simplifies and revolutionizes your office.

PerfectMed™ is that system.


PerfectMed™ gives you true mobility and flexibility. Use a desktop, laptop, or tablet and access your records from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection!


Automatically Documents! Automatically Codes! Create and Fax Prescriptions! Log Phone Calls! Create a Comprehensive Patient Chart! Archive your Records!


PerfectMed™ features our exclusive DictaCode™ Technology and CodePatrol™ Compliance Guard.


PerfectMed™ streamlines your practice and raises your bottom line!


It is the easiest EMR to customize, implement, and use!


You can create full templates in minutes & generate pages of Audit-Grade Documentation with the click of a button!



¬∑         Appointment scheduling and management

¬∑         Instantly access any part of the patient's chart.

¬∑         Full document management/scanning - go paperless - easily retrieve patient files and documents.

¬∑         Full- featured examination and visit documentation with incredibly accurate automatic code recommendation. Documentation is generated automatically!!!

¬∑         Fully customizable templates

¬∑         Dictate, type or use voice recognition. Have it your way. Whatever you choose , it will take you much less time.

¬∑         E/M Coding with full Procedure and ICD-9 Codes - stay compliant, improve your collections.

¬∑         Specialty-specific features including diagnosis and procedure lists!

¬∑         Prescription Writing. Allergy and drug interactions.

¬∑         Disease / Symptom Based Selection

¬∑         Handwriting Recognition if you use a Tablet PC

¬∑         Phone Call and Note documentation

¬∑         Referral management.

¬∑         Quickly write letters and send to referring physicians/consultants or anyone else.

¬∑         Fax on demand: fax documents instantly to anyone

¬∑         Capability to integrate with multiple practice management systems - with a simple plug-in the codes can be entered automatically into your billing system for prompt execution.

¬∑         System can be accessed by multiple people at the same time for true convenience and efficacy.

¬∑         High security. Different levels of access can be assigned. Fully HIPAA compliant.



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