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AFFORDABILITY: You know the drill. If you want an EHR you need new computers, a server. It's tens of thousands of dollars UP FRONT!

Then there's the exorbitant annual technical support fee. Maximize your money, time, and resources with PerfectMed EHR. You too should have an EHR!


Pricing is cost-effective and designed for flexibility in your office!




Technical Support Fee, per year:                     ABSOLUTELY FREE, ALWAYS



Cut down on Transcription Costs by 75% or more!!!

Many practices pay around $1000 a month per physician for transcription. PerfectMed EHR can greatly reduce that, paying for itself and making your practice easier to manage, while still saving you money!

PerfectMed's exclusive DICTACODE™ TECHNOLOGY gives you the choice to Type, Dictate (which flows into the system-generated documentation), or utilize Voice Recognition to minimize your cost, maximize your value, and allow you to edit your transcription on the fly!





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