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Pain Management
Did you know that you can do fifty trigger point injections in a session and but you still can only submit a single code ONE time? Do you know how to charge for multiple level procedures such as facet or medial branch blocks? What modifiers must you use for global period procedures and what are the rules on billing them? Our one day course will alleviate the pain in your coding.

Time points, base points, medical direction. In the world of anesthesia there is a lot to account for, and not much help out there to help you find your way. In our intensive day long course, we'll discuss the ins and outs, the pitfalls, and how to stay accurate and compliant.

Evaluation & Management
Perhaps no other subset of medical coding is as hard as E&M. Was your visit a consultation? Can you up your code because of the amount of time spent, or do you need assistance figuring out if your examination was thorough? What level is your Medical Decision Making? E&M coding is fraught with peril and confusion - don't fall prey. We'll go over everything in this convenient half-day course, leaving you ready to face those claims waiting to be coded.

Materials provided with every course.


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