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Compliance has become the buzzword in the medical community as of late, and for due cause. There are now several high profile compliance related audits, and the sanctioning bodies like the Office of the Inspector General are scrutinizing practices more and more, ever refining their list of targets. Refining means not that their list is getting smaller, but that everyday they know more and more what to look for when reviewing cases.

Many of the targets are practices that overcode, and in effect fraudulently charge and get reimbursed more than what they are due. Certain specialties seem to have higher levels of overcoding than others, but overcoding is present throughout the specialties, and coding for E&M (patient visits, consultations, etc.) are rampantly overcoded due to the complex set of guidelines required to properly code E&M and many practices' and billing services' inability to understand them.

Some practices are rightfully fearful of an audit. But instead of coding perfectly, they intentionally undercode, so as to not raise any warning flags. What these practices do not understand is that not only are they cheating themselves out of significant annual revenue due to their lower reimbursement level, but they are also not avoiding an audit. Undercoding is also considered fraudulent, and might not save you. Once again, for E&M visits, it is estimated that 33% of E&M visits across specialties are undercoded. Even with a meager estimation of a loss of $20 per undercoded E&M visit, you could be cheating yourself out of tens of thousands of dollars annually.

The bottom line is that an audit can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and if your files are seized, your entire practice could be frozen. There also could be further legal consequences. However, if you undercode you are cheating yourself out of revenue you have rightfully earned, and in today's world of dwindling reimbursements, every dollar counts. Furthermore, you are not saving yourself any trouble.

The Imogen Universal Product Suite™ is the best solution available. Pain Management is a highly scrutinized specialty, due to misunderstandings regarding coding for certain procedures and also due to a few unscrupulous professionals who end up shining the light on everybody else as well. Don't be caught because of someone else's mistakes - Imogen Universal Pain Management™ will make your coding more accurate, efficient, thorough, and compliant.

Almost every specialty codes for E&M, and the bulk of many practices' revenue comes from patient visits. With PerfectMed™ EHR's revolutionary CodePatrol Compliance Guard™ you can code your E&M patient visits thoroughly, accurately, and compliantly - the staggeringly complex coding rules are all built in and automatically applied! Get what you're due and breathe easy.

Plus, we have backups and copies of all of your information, so even if your files and computers are seized, your practice will not be crippled!

In the world of today you need the technology of tomorrow. Here it is.



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