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Have you ever looked at coding software? It's an attractive idea - utilize a software tool which will help with one of the most misunderstood and treacherous areas of running a medical practice. For those of you that have purchased coding software, you were most likely unimpressed, and why? Because the software (possibly) allowed you to search for a code faster, but it did not actually affect your coding's accuracy or overall efficiency in any way. In many instances, aside from the possible time gained by not searching through the CPT book (if you use the book in the first place), the software does not really do much. In addition, many coding programs try to make you believe that they will help you unlock the mystery to modifiers. Modifiers are, in essence, notes to your payer (be it an insurance company or otherwise) which let them know that you know what you are doing in your coding.

When we set out to make our coding suite, we looked at the other programs out there and decided to do something different. We put an immense amount of time and effort and precise expertise into our products. Our software is the only set of programs available which, in addition to CPT and ICD-9 codes, includes all the ( coding) rules, crosswalks and Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits (where applicable), and automatically applies them. Imogen Universal applications also automatically apply any and all necessary modifiers - no additional input from you is necessary!. It will even order your codes in order of descending relative value units (RVU) so that you do not mistakenly lose out on precious reimbursement.

Our three current applications provide support for a wide array of.medical professionals.



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