Advanced Medical Technology, Powerful Solutions  
The launch of PerfectMed™ Global Stroke CenterTM, the only fully-integrated stroke informatics and telemedicine application has proved exciting. Combining true mobility, flexibility, and security...
The Future
The day of the truly paperless medical office is quickly approaching, and the need for electronic applications with data security, accessibility, and efficiency are becoming paramount. Imogen...
The Difference
One look at our products and the differences become apparent. Our applications are streamlined and useful, affixed with a sense of purpose. We only release products that we are proud calling our...
Electronic Health Record  

Introducing PerfectMed™ EHR, powered by DictaCode™ Technology, and featuring the latest cutting-edge advancement in medical software in over a decade, our exclusive CodePatrol™ Compliance Guard. Also learn about our new PerfectMedTM Global Stroke Center, the only fully-integrated stroke informatics and telemedicine system!

Pain Management  

Imogen Universal Pain Management Coding™ brings you as close to automated coding as possible. This groundbreaking application is the only of its kind on the market.

Trauma Coding  

Imogen Systems' new TraumaCoder will revolutionize your trauma coding,  making it easier, quicker, and more accurate!

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